Az egyesülési jogról szóló 1989. évi II. törvényben foglaltaknak megfelelően, a Magyar Madártani és Természetvédelmi Egyesület (az "Egyesület") tagjai az alábbiak szerint alkották meg az Egyesület alapszabályát (az "Alapszabály").

Name and registered office

Official English name: BirdLife Hungary
Official Hungarian name: Magyar Madártani és Természetvédelmi Egyesület 
Address: 1120 Budapest, Költő st. 21, Hungary
Logo: A displaying Great bustard

Our NGO does not engage in direct political activities, operates independently of political parties, and does not provide nor it accepts financial support from political parties.

Our objectives

Social support of nature protection, with the focus on bird conservation. 

In order to achieve the objectives, our organization:

  • promotes awareness and popularization of natural values and conservation goals.
  • expands the circle of supporters of nature conservation.
  • considers shaping the environmental awareness of both the youth and the adult population as an essential task. Therefore, it organizes comprehensive educational and environmental programs targeting youth, educational institutions, families, and adults alike.
  • conducts and implements nature conservation research and protection programs.
  • engages in advocacy activities at both national and international levels for the protection of natural values.
  • provides expertise to support the nature conservation activities of governmental and municipal bodies, as well as agricultural and social organizations.
  • participates in the work of international nature conservation organizations.

The Organization carries out the following public tasks to achieve its objectives:

  • Practical Nature Conservation Activities: Participates in the planning and implementation of species protection, area, and habitat conservation programs. It contributes to the planning and execution of the National Nature Conservation Plan (Act No. LIII of 1996 on nature conservation, Section 53).
  • Opposes Unlawful Damage and Endangerment of Natural Areas and Values: Takes action against the illegal harm and endangerment of natural areas and values (Act No. LIII of 1996 on nature conservation, Section 65 (1)).
  • Nature Conservation Monitoring, Research, Data Collection, and Publication: Conducts nature conservation research, organizes and implements protection programs, collects and publishes data, and ensures data provision for the nature conservation information system (Act No. LIII of 1996 on nature conservation, Section 67).
  • Development of Nature Conservation Culture and Education: Focuses on developing nature conservation culture and providing education on nature conservation. Conducts educational and environmental programs targeting youth, educational institutions, families, and adults (Act No. LIII of 1996 on nature conservation, Section 64 (1)).
  • Dissemination of Knowledge on Environmental and Nature Conservation, Sustainable Environment, and Consumption: Spreads knowledge on environmental and nature conservation, sustainable environment, and consumption in educational and cultural institutions. Environmental education and training (Act No. LIII of 1995, Section 54 and Act No. LIII of 1996, Section 64).
  • Collaboration in the Fulfillment of State and Municipal Nature and Environmental Protection Tasks: Engages in foundational measurements, prepares studies and expertise, and participates in tasks related to the exploration, presentation, and maintenance of nature conservation areas (Act No. LIII of 1995, Section 1 (2)(b) and Act No. CLXXXIX of 2011, Section 13 (1) point 11).
  • Monitoring and Documentation of Environmental State and Impacts on Human Health: Monitors and documents the environmental state and the impact of environmental stressors on human health. Gathers and publishes information on the condition of various environmental elements, providing assistance in accessing environmental information (Act No. LIII of 1995, Section 12).
  • Active Participation in the Development and Implementation of Territorial Planning and Development Documents: Participates in the development and execution of territorial and sectoral planning procedures to establish conditions for sustainable development (Act No. XXI of 1996, Section 2).
  • Collaboration in the Development of Medium-Term Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy Strategy: Assists in shaping innovation according to the principles of sustainability (Act No. CXXXIV of 2004 on research and development and technological innovation, Section 5 (3)).
  • Legal Protection Tasks: Protects the interests of future generations and the rights of the population to a healthy environment (Act No. CXI of 2011 on the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, Section 2 (a), (b), (c), (d)).
  • Business Activities: The Association engages in business activities solely to achieve its non-profit objectives without jeopardizing them. Any results obtained from its economic activities are reinvested in the activities defined in the Articles of Association.
  • Nationwide Organization: The Association operates nationally, carrying out its activities throughout the entire territory of Hungary.